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  • Doc Coleman – Editor in Chief

Doc Coleman

Doc Coleman - Editor in Chief

Doc has been working with computer technology for over twenty years. He started working with mainframe computer systems and has transitioned to client based systems using Windows based PCs, and then to platform independent web-based infrastructures. Through all this time, Doc has been the go-to guy when any of his co-workers have had problems because of his ability to discuss complex technological problems in simple, easy to understand language.

In February 2010, Doc took his skills online and created The Nifty Tech Blog in an attempt to share his enthusiasm for technology with those who can best benefit with letting the technology do the work. Since that time he has discovered a love for writing and new media and has embarked upon a number of different projects.

In July 2010, Doc turned from writing technology articles and started writing fiction as a contributing writer for the Every Photo Tells… podcast. Three of his short stories were nominated for the 2011 Parsec Awards, but he was shut out of the Finalists list by fierce competition in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) category. Doc continues to write short stories, and has also written an article on writing that appeared in the February 2011 issue of Flagship Magazine from Flying Island Press.

Doc ventured into the podcasting world in the summer of 2010, going on microphone with Tee Morris in a six episode crossover series between The Nifty Tech Blog and Tee’s Bird House Rules podcast. Sadly, a dispute with Tee’s publisher has prevented the last episode of the crossover from going live.

Doc returned to the world of podcasting as a guest on Flying Island Press’ podcast Galley Table in September 2010. The Galley Table crew invited Doc to come back any time. And he did. After several guest appearances, Doc was made a part of the Galley Table crew as the Galley Table Stowaway.

Doc also started his own podcast in December of 2010 with The Shrinking Man Project, a journal of philosophy and personal change. He shares his experiences and observations in the hopes that others will be able to discover their own solutions to dealing with their weight by talking about their issues with others making the same journey.

  • Scott Roche – Windows expert

Scott Roche joins the Nifty Tech Blog staff as our resident Windows PC expert. Scott is also the Director of Marketing and Assistant Editor of Flying Island Press, an online speculative fiction magazine. He is also an author in his own right with several stories available on Smashwords, as well as his Podcast Novel Archangel. Scott also lives up to his namesake by publishing his own blog of spiritual musings and observations at Spiritual Tramp. Scott is one of the Associate Producers for The Metamor City Podcast, as well as producing Flying Island Press’ Galley Table Podcast.

Scott somehow manages to do all this, plus keep a wife happy and parent his three children.



  • Odin1Eye

Odin1eye is a husband and a father.  To make the odd coin to pay the bills, he also works as a Teacher Educator, which means that he instructs teachers in how to teach.  In what little spare time is left to him, he publishes the blog View from Valhalla, known for his series of podcast reviews. He is currently converting these reviews into a companion podcast for the site.  Odin has retired from the leadership of the Norse Gods, and lives with his wife and godlings in South Texas.


  • Philippa Ballantine

Philippa Ballantine is a Fantasy author and podcaster and a former librarian. In the past year, she gave up the glories of Library Science in order to become a full time Author. Her novels Chasing the Bard and Digital Magic are available in print, electronic, and podcast form. Her unpublished novel (or perhaps unprinted?) Weather Child is available in podcast form. Her current podcast effort is the monthly Erotica a la Carte. Pip released her first Mass Market Paperback Geist from Ace in October 2010, and released her second Mass Market Paperback, along with Co-author Tee Morris, in May 2011 when Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel was published by Harper Voyager. Spectyr, the sequel to Geist, hit bookstore shelves in June 2011. Pip is from Wellington, New Zealand.

If you’d like to know more about Pip, visit her website:, follow her on Twitter: @philippajane, or check out her Facebook Group page.

If you’d like to be a Guest Blogger for The Nifty Tech Blog, write to us at Give an example of what you’d like to review and why it should be Nifty Tech.

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