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TweetTime for iPad – Crossover Review with Bird House Rules

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor October 12, 2010 Crossover

Welcome back to another installment of the crossover series with Bird House Rules. We’re almost done with looking at Twitter clients for iPad. This week we’ll be looking at a client that is a relative newcomer to the App store, TweetTime for iPad by Dong-Wook Kim. TweetTime for iPad is a $2.99 purchase in the app store and is currently up to version 1.3.4. As is typical for applications for the iPad, landscape mode is more useful at illustrating the capabilities of the product than Portrait mode, so once again you’ll be seeing a lot of Landscape pictures here.


First Look: Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Unboxing

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor September 8, 2010 Hardware

One of the products that I’m looking at for a future review is the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder that was just released in August and sold out almost immediately! I finally got a hold of mine after having my pre-order shipped, canceled, and then back-ordered. So I figured that I’d do an unboxing video to demonstrate how easy the Zoom is to set up and get using out of the box. At least that was what they told me. Actually Zoom has a very good reputation for portable audio and the H2 and H4 models are very respectable portable recorders.


First Impressions: 7 days with the iPad

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor May 5, 2010 Hardware
Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Wi-Fi

I got my iPad on Monday, April 26th. Despite all the hype and the “reality distortion field” and the rabid flaming criticism, I wasn’t sure about the iPad, so I didn’t pre-order it. In fact, I remained firmly in the “I have to touch it first.” camp. From the accolades I had heard, I half expected that when I walked into my local Apple store and got to put hands upon one of the demo models, that I’d think it was the most wonderful technological device ever and I’d want to get one immediately. Well… that wasn’t what happened.