Google Voice Update

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor June 24, 2010 Phones

Back in the original Google Voice review, I had mentioned that Google Voice was one of those Google projects that is eternally in Beta. Well, it seems that Google disagreed with me on that point. On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010, Google announced on the Google Voice Blog, that Google Voice was coming out of Beta and is now available for new subscribers in the United States without the need for an invite!


Google Voice

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor April 13, 2010 Phones

As a counter point to the earlier review of the iPhone, this week we’re looking at something you can’t get on the iPhone: Google Voice.

A while ago, there used to be a service called Grand Central.  This was bought out by Google and re-named Google Voice.  And then Google started adding new capabilities to it.  GV is another of Google’s projects that is eternally in beta.  And like many of the others, if you can get in, it is pretty darn useful.  Right now, Google Voice is invitation only, which means that you need to find someone with a Google Voice number and ask them to send you an invite.  If you can’t find anyone, or your friends have all run out of invites, you can also go to and ask Google if they’d be nice enough to send you an invite.  And if you’re not sure if you want one or not, you can look at the list of features at  The price, however, is right: Google Voice is free, unless you use it for international calls. And even then there are considerable savings, depending on where you are calling and for how long.


BluBridge Auto – Talk

by Guest Author March 15, 2010 Guest Blog

BluBridge logo[This week’s review for The Nifty Tech Blog is a Guest Review by Odin1Eye of the View from Valhalla blog. I’d like to thank Odin for being Nifty Tech’s first Guest Reviewer, and for providing such an interesting review.  Enjoy! – Editor]

Welcome to Nifty Tech. I am your guest blogger, Odin1Eye, and today I will be detailing the wonders of the BluBridge Auto-Talk by Miccus. So please, relax, put down your tray table, recline way back and enjoy the ride.



by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor March 1, 2010 Phones

No discussion of Nifty Tech could be complete without mentioning the iPhone. I know, I know, some of you wouldn’t take an iPhone if someone put a gun to your head and threatened to pull the trigger. Many people have a hatred of AT&T Mobile that makes your typical Holy War look like a children’s squabble. Others are sure that Apple Inc. is the source of all evil. Well, tough.