#FollowFriday – @Dansr – Mama, Musician, Goddess of Perk, and a damn fine person.

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on August 5, 2011 · 0 comments

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I follow a lot of different creative people on Twitter. I follow a lot of creatively different people on Twitter. And I follow some people who are just good folks. But sometimes you find someone who is creative, different, and still good folks. To demonstrate my meaning, I give you @Dansr.

Now, I have known Mel since time immemorial. We first met online back in the days when AOL was actually a viable alternative for finding an internet community of intelligent individuals. So that was a LONG time ago. We were both much younger then. Then again, wasn’t everyone?

I met Mel due to a mutual love of fantasy adventures and renaissance festivals. And social networks, apparently, as we’ve kept in touch from network to network over the years. She took her love of renaissance festivals, and her love of music and launched her own performing career as Neidfyre. She has been traveling the faire circuit, performing gigs and visiting far flung friends with her daughter, the Daikini Baby. Or should that be the Daikini Child by now?

Over they years, @Dansr has taken me along with her on these journeys, through text and blog post, and now Twitter. I’ve been able to share these moments with her through the wonder of technology. And she’s been able to weather the storms and misfortunes that have come because her friends have never been farther than her pocket. Mel isn’t perfect, but she is a woman of surprising strength and dedication. Who will, no doubt, deny that accusation on the basis of her own fair share of problems, issues, and fears. She’s not perfect, but she is a very remarkable woman. A reminder that while our world is filled with adversity, there is also wonder in abundance. You may not be able to seek it out yourself, but you can see some of it through the eyes of @Dansr.

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