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by Scott Roche on July 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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This particular Follow Friday was one I was sure had already been snapped up. Thomas Gideon aka cmdln is as geeky and podcaster-y as it gets. He’s hosted the Command Line podcast and blog for quite some time, talking about open source, security, and programming. He’s also a part of the Living Proof Brewcast with John Taylor Williams (probably my next Follow Friday victim).

Thomas is another one of those sterling individuals I’ve met in real life thanks to Balticon. I really enjoy listening to people who are passionate about their pursuits to the level he is, even if they’re talking a mile or two above my head. While I am a geek and a brewer, I have much to learn in both arenas before I’ll be able to cross blades with him. The best thing about him is, he doesn’t come across as didactic or self-important. He’s very down to earth and personable.

This is about his Twitter feed though, so a few words about that. He uses his stream in a few ways. You’ll get links pertinent to techies, that’s for certain, whether it’s a link to a list of security alerts or an opinion piece on the latest bit of news in hi-tech circles. He also feeds you what’s going on in his life. I like that in a Tweeter. It makes them more “real”. He’s not the chatty Kathy I and some of my other #FF recommendations are though, so he won’t overload your streams.

There you have it, another solid recommendation from us here at the Nifty Tech Blog. We hope you have a great weekend and look for new reviews coming from us soon!

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