#FollowFriday – @PauleyP: Actress, NoH8 Activist, Civil Right’s Champion, and Captain of #TeamInsomnia

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on July 22, 2011 · 2 comments

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This week we have a special late night #FollowFriday to honor one of my favorite late night stars. In this case, the star in question isn’t known for late night television, but is instead a television star who is usually up late at night. Folks, I give you the official Twitter of Pauley Perrette, @PauleyP, probably best known as Abby Sciuto, the quirky and sexy forensic scientist on CBS’s “NCIS.”

Pauley has one of the most unusual backgrounds in Hollywood, itself a place of unusual backgrounds. As an undergrad, she was an honor student in sociology, psychology, and criminal science, and had begun study for a master’s degree in criminal science at Georgia State University. A stint as a bartender in New York City led to her entry into the entertainment industry. In addition to her acting, Pauley has been a director, producer, a published writer, poet, photographer, and a singer and songwriter.

Pauley is also an active supporter of the NoH8 campaign, and a huge number of civil, gay, and  social rights movements. While I hate to skip listing her many activities, worthy causes all, I must admit that I’m afraid I’ll slight one of them by missing them. But many of them can be found in her bio at IMDB.

On Twitter… @PauleyP is usually up late. Very late. Like all night. It seems that Pauley suffers from chronic insomnia, and frequently pops online to tweet to the #TeamInsomnia crowd. Usually she tweets about the things she sees in the world around her. You really get a sense of the conviction she has for helping people, and the fun that she finds all around. I know that at one point the Twitter account was run by someone else on Pauley’s behalf. I don’t know if that is still true. Whomever is behind Pauley’s official Twitter presence has a very big heart and a colorful outlook on life.

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