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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on July 8, 2011 · 2 comments

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I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for a long, long, long time. I stumbled across the show in the early 1980’s and have been watching ever since. Some fans of the old series cringe and cried when the new series came out in 2005, but I stayed with it, enjoying the higher production values the new series was able to achieve on the same dirt-cheap budget. And despite some strange stumbles and twists, it has mostly been worth while. One of the masterminds of the new Doctor Who series, and the current executive producer, is this week’s Follow Friday recommendation: @Steven_Moffat. Steven is the crafty mind behind some of the most twisted and intricate plots ever shown on Doctor Who.

In addition to being a writer and the executive producer of Doctor Who, Steven is one of the co-producers of Sherlock, a modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories from the BBC. The first season of Sherlock was a short one, only three episodes, but it was excellently done, and it puts a new light on the characters, showing Holmes’ lack of proper social behavior, and Doctor Watson’s keen analytical mind. Holmes is, of course brilliant, and Watson never does quite pull one over on his new roommate. But this isn’t a review of Sherlock. I’m here to talk about @Steven_Moffat.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, or Sherlock, you’ll definately want to follow @Steven_Moffat for the chance to get an inside look at those shows. Steven tweets about the progress of the productions and offers a new insight into show-business. No spoilers though. He is very careful not to release any information that would spoil your enjoyment of any of the shows he is crafting. Tease yes. He will tease they heck out of you by hinting at upcoming reveals, but never actually spoiling the anticipation. And isn’t that what we really want as fans of BBC Science Fiction?


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DDog July 12, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Don’t forget Coupling! Probably fewer people who read your blog for recs have heard of it, but it’s so funny. One of his previous series, produced with his wife Sue Vertue and loosely inspired by their relationship (and two of the characters are named Steve and Susan), centered on six friends who hang out in a pub. It’s available for streaming on Netflix. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, and there is some meta-humor available for Doctor Who fans. Jack Davenport, Gina Bellman, Sarah Alexander, Kate Islett, Ben Miles, and Richard Coyle.


Doc Coleman July 12, 2011 at 11:38 PM

Oops! You’re right, I completely forgot about Coupling! To be fair, I have only seen one or two episodes of that show, and not exactly in the correct order. I really need to find time to catch up on some of these excellent British shows.

Thanks for the correction!



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