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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on May 13, 2011 · 0 comments

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Over the past year (and more) I have recommended quite a number of creative people on Twitter. Today, I’m going to recommend someone who takes that a step farther. This is a gentleman who goes the extra mile in creative endeavors by leading them. Creative people can be a difficult lot. This is natural, as their minds are always finding new angles on things. They can be a pretty slippery bunch. And Zack Ricks, aka @MadPoet, dares to lead a bunch of these creative folks. This explains the receding hairline.

Zack is one of the founders of Flying Island Press, and is the managing editor of the company, and of Flagship, Flying Island’s magazine of speculative fiction. In running an online magazine, and Galley Table, the associated companion podcast of Flagship, Zack has to manage a number of creative individuals. On a daily basis he herds a number of creative cats. You can see his personal writings at the Mad Poet Files.

This skill extends to Twitter as well. As @MadPoet, he demonstrates good humor and a wide array of geek knowledge. He also tends to keep conversations on target, avoiding ratholes that creative conversations tend to go down. Unless they’re really funny. Or really interesting. I think you’ll find that he is worth talking to.

If you’re going to be going to Balticon 45 this Memorial Day weekend, you may be able to meet Zack, myself, and the rest of the Galley Table crew as we record a special Galley Table Live show at Balticon. Hope to see  you there!

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