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by Scott Roche on May 6, 2011 · 0 comments

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Being a writer, I follow a lot of writers on Twitter. But, since Twitter is kind of a geeky thing, most of the writers I follow are also tech savvy geeks. J.R. is no exception.

I first ran into him online when I started listening to V & A Shipping, a delicious mashup of Star Wars and Smokey and the Bandit. Our senses of humor are pretty symaptico, and he’s as personable on Twitter as he is anywhere else. He’s gone on to podcast other novels, but most importantly he’s also released a novel in print. It’s called Astel: Chosen and can be purchased at Amazon

He’s not as… prolific on Twitter as I am, which probably explains why he’s written more than I have, but his tweets are solid. You’ll see a little self promotion, a fair amount of conversation, and no small amount of silliness. It’s also worth noting that he’s partnered up with Mike Plested and they have a book coming out in the future. So, it wouldn’t hurt you to follow them both.

There’s your Follow Friday for this week. Look for my upcoming review of Google Docs’ spreadsheet function and have a great weekend!

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