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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on April 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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This week’s FollowFriday is a very special one for me. Naturally, they’re all special, or they wouldn’t get mentioned. But this week’s pick isn’t just someone who inspires me, she is also someone whom I am proud to say that I have inspired. Let me introduce you to Rachel, also known as @GuestfordJunkie, a lovely young woman, mother of two, and someone who is becoming increasingly light on her feet.

I first bumped into @GuestfordJunkie over on Scott Sigler‘s fan forums. Like me, she enjoys Sigler’s writing. Sigler refers to his devoted readers as “junkies” because they keep coming back for another hit. He even calls the participation points given out for posting on the forums “Crack Hits”. Obviously, the site tends to cater to those with more mature sensibilities, and a certain sense of humor. After getting to know me on Sigler’s site, @GuestfordJunkie, started following me on Twitter, and started following one of my other projects: The Shrinking Man Project, a personal journal of my weight loss journey in podcast form.

Rachel was moved by what I was trying to do with The Shrinking Man Project, with the honesty with which I placed myself out for public scrutiny, and decided that she needed to do something similar to keep her on target with her weight loss goals. So she created The Lighter Mom Project, and the twitter persona @LighterMom. This is her blog chronicling her journey, and the troubles that she has to deal with in order to balance work, family, and a social life while managing to keep her weight under control in a culture that embraces fried, fatty foods.

@GuestfordJunkie is personable, down to earth, and a little self-depreciating. But more than that she is good people. She is definitely someone that I would like to know In Real Life. I recommend you follow her and get to know her. And that you give The Lighter Mom Project a look and offer your support. (And you could always give The Shrinking Man Project a listen, too.)

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