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by Scott Roche on March 25, 2011 · 0 comments

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I looked up the word “firebrand” before I started to write this post, because I was pretty sure it fit Allison D. Duncan aka @svallie, but I wanted to make sure. I had visions of butt-kicker and pot-stirrer running in my head. She’s certainly both of those. I’m not sure that troublemaker or revolutionary quite fit though and that turns out to be closer to the actual definition. So while Allison may or may not be a firebrand, she’s definitely worth a follow.

I first learned about her existence by listening to Brand Gamblin’s wonderful podcast novel Tumbler. She narrated it and did a fine job. Over the course of time I added her to my Twitter stream and I’m glad I did. She and I don’t agree on a whole lot, but as I’ve said before, I’m okay with that. She’s smart and doesn’t hold back when she’s convinced she’s right. You can read her opinions about almost anything at her blog. She also has a forthcoming podcast novel.

So that’s your #FF assignment for this week. Stick around. I’ve got a review of Plain Text coming up soon and there’s other goodness to be had around these parts.

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