#FollowFriday – @mplested: Author, podcaster, and silly bugger

by Scott Roche on March 11, 2011 · 2 comments

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If you had told me that Canada has the Internet much less Twitter just a few years ago I would have said, “What’s twitter?”. I always envisioned Canada as a land of hockey hooligans, polar bears, and pleasant comedians. Sure enough though, they have most if not all of the amenities we do, including my favorite social networking tool.

One thing they have an awful lot of, it seems, are good writers. I have the pleasure of having met and gotten to know one of those over the course of the last year. Today’s #FF is devoted to him, Mike Plested aka @mplested. Mike is many things; scout leader, writer, podcaster, and polar bear wrangler. I know him best through his podcast Get Published where he’s talked about his own writing journey and has interviewed publishers and writers from all over. He’s also podcast his own fiction and it’s well worth checking out.

So why should you follow him? Well if you’re a writer or a small publisher he’s a good guy to get to know. If you’re just looking for a new up and coming author, he’d be a good choice as well. He’s got a new book coming out and following him would be a great way to learn more about that. Being Canadian, Mike’s also got a good sense of humor and he’s very polite so there’s that as well. I mean he’s not the kind of guy who’d take a hit out on someone for making a few jokes.

So there’s your FF for the week. Go forth and be excellent to one another!

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