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by Scott Roche on February 25, 2011 · 1 comment

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In a previous #FF, the one for Laura the Gypsy Pirate, we mentioned her collaborator David Sobkowiak. I promised a FF for him and I am a big believer in delivering on promises. You’ll note that the avatar he’s currently using is a book cover. That’s because he, like yours truly, is an author and is self publishing stories on Amazon. This one in particular, “Goodnight My Love”, is creepy and very cool. So that’s one reason right there that you should follow him.

In addition to his skills as a writer and a voice actor, David is a fellow conversator in his Twitter usage. People tell me that I use Twitter like an IM client and there’s some validity there. I say it’s social media and if you interact with me I’m gonna interact with you and I look for opportunities to talk to people. David’s the same way. I like to follow people who “get” that this is one of the greatest usages for this particular tool. Is it meant for lengthy discussions like the ones that you’d have at a cafe? No. But you can pack a lot into 140 characters.

So if you want to follow a writer who loves to interact and who is in the midst of trying to get the word out about his excellent fiction I highly recommend Mr. Sobkowiak. And following Laura (you are following her too right?) without following David is a bit like eating peanut butter without jelly. You could, and it would be awesome, but the experience would be lessened somehow.

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