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by Scott Roche on December 17, 2010 · 0 comments

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I don’t follow many “corporate” or commercial Twitter accounts. Life’s too short and I have too many real people* to follow. The exceptions I make are… exceptional. Enter Identity Guard, aka @IdentityG. This Twitter account provides its followers with some really solid information on the latest scams and risks that pop up on the internet. They’re very active in social media and have a podcast and blog where you can get additional information.

As consumers who rely on the internet more and more for everything from buying goods and services to keeping in touch with friends it’s good to recognize that there are some bad folks out there who want your information. Having a source of good information like Identity Guard is one weapon, among what should be many, to protect you from those people. So follow @IdentityG and have a good (and safe) weekend!

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*Note: If you run a corporate blog/Twitter account show some personality and/or give up some really crucial or interesting information.

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