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[For this week’s Follow Friday, I’m turning the reins over to Scott Roche, our new Windows corespondent for the Blog. Take it away, Scott! – Editor]

Welcome to my first Follow Friday blog post for the Nifty Tech Blog! I follow a lot of people on Twitter, over a thousand at last count. That seems like a lot to me anyway. I’m not sure that if you get into the multi-thousands, that you’re truly “following” all of them. But when it comes to #FollowFriday, when I do it, much like my awesome host I only recommend people that I follow closely and enjoy. Only the best for you dear readers!

Okay, with that out of the way, let me introduce to you a man that needs no introduction (yeah that never made any sense to me either) @PhilRossi. Phil is the epitome of an “Ultra-Creative”. He’s an incredibly talented musician who released an EP earlier this year called Radio Silence. He has released a number of books, both in print and podcast form, that are likely to alternately titillate and terrify you. To top it all off, he’s also been blogging his experiences as a new dad.

It’s artists like Phil that fill me (see what I did there) with a mix of awe and inspiration. When I see how much quality content he’s produced and in such a variety of media I think, “How does he do that?”. That’s immediately followed by a “I want to do that too!” At least in as much as my own talents and time allow. Added to that, as if that weren’t enough, Phil is also a genuinely nice guy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and having a pint with him at Balticon. So if you’re looking for a new Tweeter to follow, podcast to listen to, and or a musician to experience I can heartily recommend Mr. Rossi.

[Thanks for that recommendation, Scott! We can all look forward to more Follow Friday goodness and reviews from Scott in the future. Come back next Monday and we will be wrapping up our crossover reviews with Bird House Rules. We really think you’ll like it. Have a good one until then! – Editor]

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