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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on October 20, 2010 · 0 comments

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Have you been enjoying The Nifty Tech Blog? We certainly hope so. And we hope that you’d be willing to give something back. We want to bring you more features, more reviews, and better on site services. But we just don’t have the resources to do these things on our own. We’ll continue to do what we can, but there are a few things that you could do to help us bring you the reviews and features you’ve enjoyed up to now, and make things better for the future.

Spread the Word

The simplest thing that you can do is help spread the word. Tell your friends about The Nifty Tech Blog, recommend our reviews, encourage people to check us out. Especially folks that don’t know a lot about technology. They’re who we’re primarily here to help. Each article has buttons at the bottom of it to allow you to post it to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and hundreds of other social networks. You can even print it out or e-mail it.

Do you have a website? One easy way to tell folks about us is to put a link to the blog on your web site. The more sites that link to The Nifty Tech Blog, the better our search engine rankings will be, and the more likely that someone searching for tech will find us. And we’ll return the favor. Let us know that you’ve put a link on your site and we’ll add you to the Friends of The Nifty Tech Blog sidebar on the right!

Want to go one better? Add a Nifty Tech Blog Banner! You can find the code for adding a banner on this page.

Open your Wallet

We will never charge you for content on The Nifty Tech Blog, but just bringing you the blog has costs. Up until now, the domain registration and hosting fees have been paid out of my pocket. I’ve been wanting to move to a WordPress host in order to have access to better polling, posting, and blog management tools. Unfortunately, the dip in the economy has hit me hard. If you have enjoyed the blog, want to see us move to WordPress, and have a few bucks to spare, we’ve started a fund raising effort to try to raise the funds to cover a year of hosting. We’d appreciate anything you can donate to the cause. All of these funds will be used to cover hosting and domain renewal costs. If we actually exceed the goal, any excess funds will be carried over for the next year.

If you’re happy with the Blog the way it is now, or if you want to help us afford new technology so we can continue to provide you with reviews, we’ve also added a tip jar. We won’t review something until we’ve been able to live and work with it for at least a month. That way when we bring you a review, you know that it isn’t just the first blush of excitement at a new purchase. The costs for all that technology adds up over time. And there are some things we’d love to review, but we just can’t afford.

Open your Mind

Of course, there is one more way you can help us out: participate. Comment on the posts, write to us to let us know what interests you, what kind of technology you’re looking for, what kind of problems your struggling with. It is much easier for us to help find a solution for you if we know what kind of problems you are dealing with.

Or maybe you’ve got access to a great piece of technology that we haven’t covered. Write a guest post on it for us! As long as you’re not a representative of the manufacturer or a reseller, we’ll be happy to look at it. If it meets our standards for coolness, usability, and uniqueness, we’ll post your article. Don’t think you can write a review? Let us talk to you about it. Tell us what technology has caught your fancy, and we’ll interview you. If we get enough, we might be able to write your review for you, if not, we can publish the interview and put the word out about your favorite product.

Or just tell us that you like what we are doing. Your encouragement means the world to us. We want you to keep reading, let us know that you want us to keep writing.

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