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This week I am recommending @EveryPhoto, the Twitter feed for the Every Photo Tells… podcast. Every Photo Tells… is a podcast that is centered around a writing experiment. The podcast is run by Katharina Maimer (@KMLaw) and Mick Bordet (@MickBordet). Each month, they post a new photo on the Every Photo Tells… blog, and over the course of the month they write and podcast short stories based on those pictures. But the fun doesn’t end there! For the first two weeks of the month, they also accept submissions from the audience, giving you the chance to be inspired and write your own story based on the photo for the month. If they like your story, they’ll record it and include it in the podcast. Two weeks ago, they published 29 stories from the first six months of Every Photo Tells… on Podiobooks.com as Every Photo Tells… Book 1.

At this point I have to put in a disclaimer that one of the stories in the podcast, and the podiobook, is mine. I have dabbled in writing speculative fiction and submitted a story to Every Photo Tells…, which they accepted and podcast during July. But neither Mick nor Katharina have asked me to recommend them, nor have I received any kind of compensation for making this recommendation. I just think that there are some really good stories in the podcast and you should check them out.

You would expect that on Twitter @EveryPhoto would look much like any other business feed, posting links of updates and advertisements. But @EveryPhoto moves beyond that. Mich and Katharina also use this Twitter handle to talk to folks about writing, and the progress of the project. But even if that isn’t your cup of tea, I think it is worth following @EveryPhoto just for the stories.You could just subscribe to the podcast, but then you might miss out on your chance to contribute your own story. You know you want to.

This weekend, I’ll be off to the opening weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. But rest assured that I will be back on Monday with another review in the crossover series with Bird House Rules. Be sure to vote in August’s poll. You’ve only got a few days left to get your votes in. I hope you’ve been enjoying the reviews and the podcasts. Make the most of your weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

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