July Poll Wrapup

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on August 2, 2010 · 2 comments

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July’s poll has come to an end, but before we look at the results, I’m afraid I’ve got a little administrative news to impart. I’ve been working to provide a special review for tomorrow, and coordinating everything is going to take a bit more time than expected. So instead of tomorrow’s review showing up at 12:01 AM, it is going to be delayed until 7 AM. It shouldn’t be any later than that. And hopefully, you’ll enjoy what we’ve got in store for you.

But enough about me, let’s talk about You! The subject of July’s poll was You, the reader. I asked what you felt your level of expertise is. The Nifty Tech Blog is intended to be accessible to everyone, but I wanted to know if I’ve been successful in attracting a cross section of potential readers. Thirteen people responded to the poll, the best turnout we’ve had to date.

You’ve heard that there is one in every crowd? Well we’ve got our one, and this person responded “I don’t read your blog, I’m just here to skew your poll results.” I guess one way of looking at it is that 7% of my readership is a technical smartass. Two respondents said they know how to use a few programs, and another two said they were regular users, but wanted to learn how to use more. To those folks, I say, “Welcome!”. You’re the ones I most want to reach with this Blog. Technology isn’t something to be intimidated by, and I hope that I’m helping you find new ways to be productive and explaining things in ways that you understand. If you’ve got questions, please ask! And if you have problems you’d like to find solutions to, tell me about those, too. It may take a while, but I’ll do what I can to find the answers.

Four more respondents said they were power users. I hope you’ve learned some new tricks here, but I also hope that you’ll be willing to share some of your tricks with everyone else. I love volunteer submissions from the community, be it a review, or just a suggestion of a product to review. Even tips or tricks would be welcome. The more we share, the more we all know.

The last group of four identified themselves as Tech Experts, but admitted they don’t know everything. I’m glad you guys are here. I’d like to see suggestions and tips from you, too, and the occasional review. But more than that, I depend on you folk to keep me honest, spot my mistakes, and make sure the right information gets out. Nobody’s perfect. I make my share of mistakes. I catch them where I can, but I’m more interested in making sure that good information is available for everyone. Thanks for the help, guys. Glad to have you along.

Tomorrow is a new review, even if it is a tad late. And I hope to have August’s poll up on Tuesday. So, it is going to be a busy week. I hope you enjoy it!

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Orion August 2, 2010 at 2:29 PM

Great poll roundup. I won't say how I responded to the poll (must maintain it's anonymity, right?) but I did have a suggestion come to mind from reading your post on the numbers. I have no idea how daunting this might be but perhaps you could create a monthly "NTR" (Nifty Tip Roundup). Could be on anything related to technology. If you get a deluge of tips on a given topic you may go with the more obscure or the most popular.Some topics I'd love to know more about include:• Linux Tips/Tricks/Shortcuts• Windows 7 Tips/Tricks/Shorcuts• Getting good sound levels from portable recorders• iPad Tips/Tricks/Shortcuts


Doc Coleman August 2, 2010 at 4:32 PM

Orion,I had started collecting tips and trick a while ago. I tweeted a few, but quickly found that the effort to gather the info would have quickly taken all my time. I chose to stick with reviews. I would still love to have a tip feature, but I just don't have time to do it myself.We do have a Windows expert in the wings, so we should have more Windows based info coming. I'm still looking for a Linux expert to be a regular contributor to the blog.If people start sending me the tips they find, I'll look into doing a special post to highlight them. Or if there is enough content, perhaps "Tuesday Tips" on a regular basis. But to do it now, I'd need a person who was dedicated to finding tips and tricks.I will keep my eye out and see what I can find, though! Thanks for the feedback.


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