#FollowFriday – @Wendell_Howe: Temporal Anthropologist, Time Traveller, Historian.

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This week’s Follow Friday is looking at  @Wendell_Howe, a Temporal Anthropologist from the year 2657. Dr. Wendell Howe is a doctor of History and Anthropology who works for the University of Cambridge in the twenty-seventh century. His work involves traveling back in time to observe historic events and interview notable persons. His actions in the past are closely monitored by the members of the Institute of Time Travel’s Enforcement Agency, or simply The Enforcers, in order to ensure that his fact finding missions do not change the past and alter the future. This scrutiny bothers him somewhat. You can find some of Dr. Howe’s reports from his travels at his blog: http://wendellhowe.blogspot.com/.

Dr. Howe is also a writing experiment by writer Jeanette Bennett (@Scablander). For her this is an attempt to write a story one tweet at a time. Dr. Howe’s story is also an extension of her unpublished work, Walking a Fine Timeline, involving Serendipity Brown, the inventor of time travel, Sherman Conrad, a teen working in a McDonald’s who really hates his life in 1985, and Dr. Howe.

In the good doctor’s Twitter stream, he gives short reports of the events and persons he encounters in the past and in 2657. The combination is both entertaining, and informative. Dr. Howe’s tweets contain a lot of information and links to historical sites, and imparts a look at Victorian history that is both personal and easily accessible. Even the tweets from the 27th century demonstrate how the past influences the way that society progresses. If you have even a mild interest in history or Victoriana, you should follow Dr. Howe.

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