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This week’s FollowFriday winner is @MacOSKen, the Twitter stream of Ken Ray and of the Mac OS Ken podcast. Ken is a broadcaster and a Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad enthusiast, and doing a podcast about the latest Apple-related news lets him exercise his passions without being arrested or otherwise coming under public censure. The fact that he injects massive amounts of humor into his podcast (with just a touch of blasphemy) makes his podcast immensely entertaining and not at all like a boring daily recitation of tech news. Um… right. In addition to the Mac OS Ken daily news podcast (available Monday through Friday), Ken also publishes Mac OS Ken Day Six, a subscription based podcast of commentary, editorials and interviews that helps defray the costs of building the Mac OS Ken empire. Theoretically, Day Six is published on Saturdays, but in practice it kind of shows up when it shows up.

When not forwarding the world domination of his podcast, Ken does occasionally Twitter. While Ken isn’t the most prolific person on Twitter, his tweets are usually amusing, insightful, or just plain useful. Ken will engage with others on Twitter, usually in regard to an Apple related story, and sometimes includes things that didn’t quite make it into his podcasts. And when there is the occasional extra available through the Mac OS Ken iPhone App, you can be sure to find directions on how to find it at @MacOSKen. And on top of that, Ken, You rock!

I hope everyone has had a good iPhone week. For those of you who aren’t fond on the iPhone, or just prefer anything that doesn’t run on AT&T, relax, it’s almost over. For the rest, I hope your pre-orders were delivered in time, and that nothing was lost in upgrading to iOS 4. All of you need to vote in the two June polls over on the right. Go ahead. Vote now. I’ll wait. No, really, it’s OK. I want the feedback.

You voted? Good. Next week is a writing week for me as I try to get a little ahead of the game for the summer. There will be another FollowFriday post on July 2nd, and then a new review on the 5th! Until then have a good week!

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