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Welcome back for another #FollowFriday post! This time we’re looking at @bobbyllew, aka Robert Llewellyn, British actor, playwright, comedian, author, and podcaster.  Bobby is probably best known as the actor playing Kryten, the campy and somewhat housework obsessed mechanoid from the BBC comedy Sci-Fi series Red Dwarf.  He also hosted the reality game show Scrapyard Challenge, similar to the show known as Junkyard Wars in the United States.  In addition, he’s been doing a regular video podcast, Carpool, where he discusses cars, issues of the day, careers, and whatever else comes to mind with celebrities as he drives them to their destinations.  You can find out more about @bobbyllew‘s career, past and present, at his website http://www.llew.co.uk/home/.

Those following @bobbyllew are treated to an interesting view into British life, the entertainment industry, and automobiles.  While Bobby is a car nut, he also embraces liberal sensibilities, so he wants the best performing car with the lowest impact on the environment.  In that search he raises some pretty interesting points. And his sense of humor means it is always entertaining, no matter if he’s talking about his podcast, his wife’s writing, issues of the day, or remembrances of Red Dwarf.  He has the ability to discuss serious issues without taking himself seriously, and to make the reader feel like a trusted friend.

Be back here on Monday for another Nifty Tech Review.  I’m still writing this one, but I think this will help you look at an old familiar piece of software in a new light.  At least that’s what I’m aiming for.  As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.  On this article, the review, the blog in general, or anything you’d like to see covered.  Tell me what you think!  Leave a comment or a voice mail, or just send an e-mail. Or just tweet using #TechSearch to let me know what kind of problems you’d like to find answers for.

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