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This week our featured Tweeter is @PhilippaJane.  This is the personal Twitter stream of Philippa Ballantine, fantasy author, podcaster, and former librarian.  Pip currently has two books in print: Chasing the Bard, and its sequel Digital Magic.  While she is a native New Zealander and hails from Wellington, New Zealand, she is currently in the United States on the first leg of a promotional tour for her new book Geist, which is being released in Fall of 2010 by Ace Books.  In the podcasting realm, she has four podcast novels to her credit.  Starting with Weaver’s Web, from back in 2006, the podcast version of Chasing the Bard which won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Fan Production, acclaimed podcast Weather Child, and currently in production, the sequel to Chasing the Bard: Digital Magic.  Pip has also published a podcast on her experiences as a budding writer, Whispers at the Edge, which sadly is currently on hiatus.  Also currently in production is her experimental podcast Erotica a la Carte, where she and other writers compose original erotica based on the results of a survey filled out by the audience.  Several EaLC episodes are currently nominated for this year’s Parsec Awards.  And we’re all greatly anticipating her latest project, Books and Braun, a joint project with Tee Morris (@TeeMonster), which hasn’t launched yet.

So why should you stop listening to @PhilippaJane‘s wonderfully seductive voice and start reading her tweets?  Pip is very friendly and engaging, and she converses well on a variety of subjects.  Must be that librarian background.  Pip has an active wit and a good sense of humor.  And if you’re a fan of her work, and who could not be, she talks about the projects that she has in work.  What’s not to love?

No review next week.  Just lots of writing and research for me.  Next review will be up on the 24th.  But we will have another #FollowFriday next Friday. If you’ve got a product that you’d like to see us review, or a tech question you need answered, this is a good time to let us know. Leave a comment or a voice mail, or just send us an e-mail. And keep looking for the hashtags #TechTip and #TechSearch.  Or just tweet using #TechSearch to let folks know what you’re looking for, or what answers you’ve found.

Until next time, have a good week!

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