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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on April 30, 2010 · 0 comments

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This week I’m pulling a recommendation from my @NiftyTechBlog side.  I’m recommending one of my sources for this blog, @appadvice, the twitter face of http://www.appadvice.com, a blog providing news and reviews of the multitude of applications available for the iPhone OS.  While this blog focuses on best of breed products, App Advice takes a different angle.  They have a large staff of associated writers and they are working through the massive list of available apps in an attempt to review them all, a task that earns my heartfelt respect.

In addition to posting review, the App Advice staff monitors developing events and presents news and commentary on events that effect the iPhone OS platform.  They also produce a video podcast that covers these current events in the appworld.

Usually, I recommend a Twitter stream for the conversation and interaction available to a potential follower.  But @appadvice is a blog-driven Twitter feed.  As items are posted to the site, the titles of the articles and links to the articles are posted to the Twitter feed.  Normally, I hate feeds like this, but App Advice has an engaging style and often takes a somewhat humorous turn with some of their headlines.  And generally they have good, well written articles.  If you’re at all interested in news of the iPhone OS’ future or in finding new apps for your mobile Apple devices, they are a worthwhile addition to your feed.

Next week, we’ll have a special article: a first look at Apple’s iPad.  I received mine last Monday and I thought I’d share a few insights and some hints and tips.  Come back next Friday for another FollowFriday recommendation, and the following Monday will be another new review.  As always, let us know what you’re thinking.  Leave a comment or a voice mail, or just send us an e-mail.  Let me know if you’ve got something you’d live to see reviewed on the blog, or some kind of tech solution that you’re looking for.  We’re always looking for the next bit of Nifty Tech.  And keep an eye out for the hashtags #TechTip and #TechSearch.  I’m starting to add tips and hints into my Twitter stream under #TechTip, and I’ll be asking questions for recommendations and hints on what you want to see under #TechSearch. Please be sure to include the hashtags in any replies you make so that I’ll see them.  I’ve been having some issues lately with mentions of @NiftyTechBlog not showing up in my streams.

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