The Boom Effect: Follow up

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on March 11, 2010 · 0 comments

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Back on February 27th, podcasters converged on a house in Virginia, and people of all different stripes converged on their computers all over the world. They came together for an internet auction to raise funds for the future of a small girl called Sonic Boom: The Boom Effect. During this 10 hour event, goods and services donated from all over the world were auctioned off in an online chat room while a live video chat defied space and time by managing to LAG AHEAD of the actual bidding.

It was an amazing event. And during the event, over $8000 was raised for Sonic Boom’s trust fund. It will stand for a long time as a shining example of how technology can form a community and can help bring that community together for a common purpose.

The auction may be over, but there is still time for you to help.  On the right of this paragraph is the Widget for the Sonic Boom Trust.  There is still time between now and March 31st for you to click the ChipIn! button and make some small donation (Or a large donation.  That works, too.) and know that you’re helping a young girl have a brighter future.  She’s five years old now, and her father is Tee Morris.  I expect that over the next fifteen years we’re going to be watching her grow up on the internet in one form or another.  And it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t take the mike and camera away from her father and blow us all away, too.

This cause gets my personal stamp of approval.  Please help.

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