The Boom Effect

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on February 24, 2010 · 0 comments

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The Boom Effect

This post is going to be a bit of a departure from our previous offerings.  I’d like to ask for your help, and to assure you that this is a good cause.  Yes, I’m asking you to give, but you’ll get something back, too.

Back in January of this year, my friend Tee Morris lost his wife Natalie to complications of the flu.  It was sudden, and tragic, for otherwise she was in the prime of her life.  This left Tee as the sole support of their 5 year old daughter, known as Sonic Boom on the internet.  That’s Tee and Sonic Boom in the icon.  You can click for a larger picture.

This is a story that plays out countless times across the country.  But what comes next is a bit of a twist.  You see, Tee is a podcaster and an author.  And he has friends in the podcasting and writing communities online.  Friends all around the world.  And his friends who live far, far away from him wanted to be able to do something to help out in his time of need.

And so they found a way to help.  Artists from all over the world have been donating their art: jewlery, audio and graphics, prints, paintings, fairy wings, and the written word.  All these wonderful things, and more, are going into an online auction to set up a trust fund for Sonic Boom, so she can have a secure future.

So I’m asking you to leave my page (whimper!) and go over to and look at all the wonderful things that have been donated.  I’m asking you to place proxy bids.  And to be online this Saturday, February 27th from 10 AM EST until it is all done bidding on items, and winning prizes from talented people from all over the globe.

And best of all, investing in the future of one little girl.

Please bid.  Please attend.  Please help.  Please spread the word.

But hurry, time is running out.

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