Google Docs

Google Docs Wrap Up

by Scott Roche June 20, 2011 Service

I hope you enjoyed the last two reviews of Google Docs. There’s a lot more to this service/software and I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface. For the features remaining, the song largely remains the same, but I feel like a good wrap up is in order.

As a clone to presentation software like Power Point or Keynote, Google offers up Presentation. I know, the name says is all. Google didn’t spend any time coming up with a snazzy title for any of these tools. They just work. As with Documents, Spreadsheets, and Forms, you have the ability to easily share and embed your content. If you already have a Powerpoint presentation created, it’s easy to upload and convert it to a Google Docs format and vice versa. Any Presentation can be downloaded as a Powerpoint, a PDF, or text.


Google Docs: Number Crunching

by Scott Roche May 23, 2011 Service

I will admit it, I’m not a power spreadsheet user. I was an English geek in high school and college. I was never into numbers or databases. I did learn a thing or two about them after college when I took some computer programming classes in order to find a real job, so I got to learn more about them than I ever thought possible. That might just make me an ideal user for Google Docs’ spreadsheet feature.


Google Docs: Word Herding

by Scott Roche April 26, 2011 Service

This will be the first post in a multi-part post on the phenomenal tool that is Google Docs. First I tackle their Document features.

I write a lot more these days than I used to. I’m also collaborating on a staggering number of projects, and I need an easy way to share, create, and edit documents from any computer I happen to be near. I have a computer at work and two at home (one of which is a Mac) so while something like Dropbox might work, it’s not quite what I’m looking for. I need something that’s platform and software independent. Enter Google Docs.