Scrambled Bits – Part One: BitLocker

by Scott Roche November 8, 2010 Windows

[This week we are pleased to bring you the debut review from Scott Roche, our Windows corespondent for the Blog. Please welcome Scott, and enjoy part one of this three part series. – Editor]

Security is, unfortunately, not number one on many peoples’ minds when it comes to their home computers. Oh sure, they think about anti-virus and anti-spyware software, but that’s about the extent of it. When it comes to a bit more intensive precautions I’ve seen eyes glaze over or roll completely back into the individual’s skull. I can’t blame them. Most people who own computers aren’t geeks and they aren’t as aware of the dangers out there as the pros. Or, if they are aware, they’re often scared or confused to the point of immobility. Hopefully, with a few simple pointers, we can change that.