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by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on June 10, 2011 · 3 comments

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Normally, I wouldn’t recommend following a Twitter account that only exists as a marketing ploy. To make me change this policy, you’ve really got to be offering something out of the ordinary that makes it worth the trouble. I have to say, @WootShirt does that in spades.

Portal 2 inspired design

Portal 2 inspired Woot Shirt design!

@WootShirt is the Twitter account for http://shirt.woot.com, a division of Woot.com that offers a new t-shirt design every day. For the first 24 hours, the new shirt is on sale for $10. If it doesn’t sell out by then, the shirt goes into the regular collection at $15 a shirt. Every now and then a popular shirt will come back, but usually, once the shirt sells out, it is gone. So what, you may say? True, there are a lot of sites online to get t-shirts. What makes the difference with @WootShirt are the designs. These are artistic, geeky, quirky, and delightfully obscure designs from a variety of artists. Honestly, these shirts are just all kinds of cool!

If I only had a brain...

If I only had a brain...

“Ok,” you may say, “That explains why I should check out shirt.woot.com, but why should I follow @WootShirt?” I’m glad you asked. You remember when I said that these shirts are on sale for the first 24 hours? When a new shirt comes out, you’ll get notified by @WootShirt. When it is close to selling out, or the sale ending, you’ll get notified by @WootShirt. If an old favorite is coming back, @WootShirt will tweet that as well.

It came out of nowhere!

It came out of nowhere!

But it isn’t just a stream of advertising feed. Those tweets are there, but they only happen once every few hours. Enough to be informative without being a pain in the arse. @WootShirt is monitored by a real, live person, so if you have questions or concerns about their offerings, you can reply to @WootShirt and you will get a real answer.

It may not be groundbreaking customer service, but it is a model that a lot of other companies could benefit from following. And did I mention that the shirts are all kinds of cool?

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