A (Long overdue) new Poll

by Doc Coleman - Nifty Tech Editor on May 13, 2010 · 2 comments

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The iPad poll closed way back on April 3rd… and the few of you who voted made it pretty clear that you intend to wait for next year’s version of the iPad before investing any of your hard earned cash.  Perhaps you’re hoping on a forward facing camera for video chatting?  Or maybe you just feel that the first version is to work out the bugs and the REAL release comes after that?  Time will tell.

Well, the chaos that was April has given way to the chaos that is May.  Funny how that happens.  And it is long past time for a new poll to grace these pages.  This time, I want to know that tool you use for working with text.  When you have to write something, how do you prefer to write it?  Part of this is because I have a friend who is looking for a writing tool for her PC, and she’s not fond of MS Word.  But part of this is because I’m curious to see how people choose to releate to text.

If your answer is something that isn’t on the list, please comment here so we can all see what your favorite writing tool is.

This poll closes with the month of May, and I’ll be looking at the results when I get back from Balticon.

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